Why you should use a business broker

When trying to sell off a business, you will encounter a lot of unserious buyers who just want to get some information about your business. A broker knows how to get past that and get straight to the chase. A broker will help you find the perfect price that may not have been able to get on your own. 

Partnering with us will give you the advantage of our wide experience in preparing businesses for sale, marketing them to the right people, negotiating a favorable offer and transferring the business to a new owner. You will spend lesser time talking to unserious buyers when we handle the process for you. The best part is that we will receive no payment until the deal has been successfully established and your business is transferred to a buyer with an offer you accepted. 

A business broker will: 

1. Provide guidance on how you can prepare your business for sale 

2. Place the right price for your business so you get the best price after-sale 

3. Produce a well-written and formatted sales prospectus for your business that will contain the history, growth potential and other important information about the business. 

4. Carry out a highly confidential business sale at your request 

5. Prepare a non-disclosure agreement before receiving any sales prospectus 

6. Get buyers interested in sale buy marketing the business listing to a wider audience

7. Communicate with potential buyersFacilitate a meeting between you and a buyer once seriousness has been identified. 

8. Negotiate the best price and terms of purchase for your web business 

9. Create a comprehensive contract that both parties can use to safeguard the acquisition purchase.  

Side note:We are entrepreneurs who have successfully sold many businesses. 

Our unique process is tailored for easy adaptability to suit each business. We will love to find a buyer that you can comfortably negotiate with to get a good price.We advise that you contact us before you are ready to sell off a business. 

We will help you to position yourself to sell. You can also get a free market valuation and consultation from us if you are planning an exit with the next year.         

Email: info@hnsbusiness.com