We Can Sell A Failing Business

Failure is mostly not anticipated, but sometimes failure happens. Businesses experience ups and downs. When a business hits such a low point, the owner can decide it is time to let go and sell off the business. There are some considerations to be put into place to ensure that the business owner and the buyer both get a fair deal. We can help you to connect you with as many buyers as you might not have necessarily been able to reach. 

A failing business may have physical assets to its name such as existing customers, a popular web address/domain, a budding relationship with long-term suppliers and inventories. Shutting down unprofitable business is a wrong idea. Once a business is shut down, you get nothing back and might even go into debt. You will get more from the sale of a business if it is one that is still running during the management transition.

We Ethically Sell Unprofitable Businesses

We will assist you to: 

1. Recognize the potential reason why buyers might be interested in buying a failing business to help you present the advert in such a way to attract them with potential areas for profits. 

2. Polish facts and figures about the business at its height of success to convince prospective buyers of the kind of profits the business once generated and still has the potential to. We will make use of useful information such as customer traffic, average transaction amount and the monthly receipts. 

3. Present genuine information about the present challenges faced by the business so as to establish trust with the buyer. 

4. Separate and sell some business assets such as equipment and property, in case you don’t find a buyer willing to buy the whole company. 

As shocking as it may sound, some buyers are willing to purchase a business for reasons such as:

- Merging your business with their own running business.

- Acquiring your assets such as machines, customer base, website and goods. 

- Bearing the loss of capital investment until the business begins to yield profit. 

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