Due Diligence

Our job is to provide financial and diligence services to both foreign and local investors who might be interested in a merger or business acquisitions.Our service primarily consists of the following: 

1. Financial Accounting 

We identify core transaction issues. The financial diligence typically includes: 

-Quality of lifetime earning 

-Quality of business assets 

-A thorough evaluation of finance/accounting policies and controls and 

-Assessment of financial projections

2.Risk & Compliance 

We assess the level of the company’s compliance with industry regulations, risk management, vendor management, and legal situations. 

3. Human Resources 

We assess and help you identify potential risks associated with HR operations, compensation & benefits, and management. 

Our final conclusion will help business acquirers to understand better the cultural fit of the target for add-on investments thereby providing a smooth transition through deal close and integration.     

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