Company & Business Valuation Service

Our business valuation services will help you to determine the fair value of your business.

It is a complex and sophisticated process of determining the estimated value of a company or business. It is time-consuming and complicated. Our team of valuation professionals have the requisite industry knowledge and expertise for delivering accurate and independent valuations.

Given the ever-changing business landscapes and market conditions, the real challenge of valuation is to understand how every business or asset is unique, and we value that.

Company Valuation

Our business valuation services will help you determine the fair value of your business and enable you to maximize its economic potential and aid in informed decision making.

Business Research

From strategic planning to investment, our team assists you at every step of your business to help you better serve your clients from diverse industries.

Best Industry Practices

Our business consultants have tons of experience and expertise to provide the top quality service for you.

​Reasons for Valuation of Companies & Businesses

- Issuance of new company shares to investors

- Partial ownership transfers

- Mergers and Acquisitions

- Ownership dispute resolutions, especially to buy out minority

Our Process

1. Send your enquiry 

2. We will contact you to provide get some information

3: Send us your financial statements & information

4: We conduct analysis and valuation work

5: You will get a 20+ pages business valuation report

(The entire process will take around 2-3 weeks to complete)

What Will You Get?

You Will Get a 20+ Pages Business Valuation Report

1. Your Valuation 

 2. Methodology 

3. Financial Summary 

4. Key Performance 

5. Indicator Overview 

6. KPI Details 

7. Value Map 

8. Next Steps

Our Fees

Our fees are based on the turnover of the business, as follows:

Businesses with turnover (SGD) <10M, please contact us for quotation.


Email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We generally respond within one working days.