Business Sale Preparation

Selling a business can produce a unique liquidity event and bring about a substantial impact on taxes, cash flow, wealth transfer and lifestyle of the former owner. It is necessary to put forth a strategic plan before any paperwork is signed to help maximize the value of the sales deal and protect the business assets. 

There are three main components when selling off a business. They include gathering the facts & figures of the business to enable the potential buyer see the value of the business with enough information to corroborate the business owner claims, transfer of business assets and maximizing the full value of the business. The best time to begin to prepare the business for an exit is now because it takes time to complete the preparation. 


We will assist you in: 

  • Obtaining a valuation 
  • Reduce dependence on the business 
  • Pinpointing areas in the business that need to improve before contacting buyers 
  • Produce a qualitative and credible financial statement 
  • Strengthening the business presentation to buyers and keep your sale plan as low-key as possible
  • Providing physical aesthetic value to the business 
  • Producing a selling memorandum 
  • Presenting buyers with your company’s earning in recast financial statement 


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